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The ang veil yú launch party

On 9th November, we invited a close group of friends to join us at the launch party of Singapore’s first wedding veil boutique, ang veil yú! It was a night of appreciation, catching up, and all around fun, held in the cool Lanzarote Cafe just opposite of Parliament House. The inaugural collection of wedding veils that ang veil yú launched at the party is called The Unveiling Collection. A total of 8 designs were unveiled, with many of them on display at the party, giving our friends a first look into what ang veil yú is about. You can find The Unveiling Collection in the ang veil yú store today! It was a very special night, especially for Charlane and I. Here are the rest of the...

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Why do we make wedding veils?

The question here presumably is why do we make wedding veils? What’s our story? Firstly, thank you for asking. You are not the first, and certainly not the last to ask us this incredibly important question. No restaurant in the world that has a happy family in the kitchen will serve you bad food. They are happy doing it, and so their food is good. Likewise, we are happy doing what we are doing here at ang veil yú, and so our wedding veils are good. But I know that doesn't explain anything yet. We believe it all boils down to the all-important question of “why”. Why did we choose to make wedding veils? Why we make wedding veils We make wedding veils because we realised...

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